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Gérard Boulay Chavignol Sancerre 2022


Region: Loire Valley, France

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Gérard Boulay is one of the legends of the tiny village of Chavignol, producing some of the most distinctive and sublime wines in Sancerre. He is an incredibly humble and is as focused and intense as the wines he crafts – His esteem for his home and its proud history is evident by his refusal to disrespect the terroir with opportunistic viticulture or industrial winemaking. Under Boulay’s charge, the quality of the land and the wines it produces need no corrections or additions. The soil is horse ploughed, no herbicides or pesticides are used, yields are kept low and harvesting is by hand to result in a racy and very complex wine. You’ll find bright citrus, pink grapefruit and herbaceous notes on the nose. On the palate it opens up to melon and light spice of white pepper and minerals. It has wonderful acidity, yet is still lush and mouth-coating.

Sancerre is classically paired with goat’s cheese.

750ml Alc.13%


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