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Baci Kisses


Per 15g Kiss

FLAVOURS: Latte, Original, Extra Dark

Italian for kiss, Baci is dark chocolate praline with a whole hazelnut and hazelnut filling. Each one is wrapped in silver and blue and contains a little love message inside.

Baci have been in existence since 1907, when Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created them out of a desire to use up excess chopped hazelnuts. She made a hazelnut praline, placed an entire roasted hazelnut on top, and smothered it in the company’s delicious dark chocolate. According to legend, she was then inspired by her feelings for a special someone to wrap the chocolate in a love note. The delightful result soon caught on amongst young lovers that frequented the Perugian sweetshop.

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Latte, Original, Extra Dark