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Pittnauer ‘Pitt Nat’ Rose Petillant Natural 2018


Like other avant-garde movements, the natural wine trend didn’t come out of the blue. Most of its methods were used in many moons ago, either forgotten or neglected in times of increasingly unifying global trades. Sparkling wines produced in the méthode ancestrale – so called “pét nats” (pétillant-naturel) – are a prime example. Pét nats run through a second fermentation in the bottle and their production demands care and experience. Done well, they produce great results like this incredible example from Austria. This méthode ancestrale sparkling blend of Merlot and Syrah is fun to drink at breakfast, lunch, dinner, New Year’s Eve and year round. It has aromas of pink grapefruit, raspberries, rose petals and watermelon. It is enticing, quaffable and delicious with most things or on it’s own.

750ml 12%Alc


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