Full Steam Ahead

By King & Godfree Monday August 21, 2017 See More —

The transformation of King & Godfree is picking up pace now that demolition works are complete and infill slabs and footings are in place. As with any major renovation of an old, heritage listed building we have experienced unforseen delays – the discovery of an unexpected underground fuel tank, the existence of an extra bluestone slab structure under the existing slab, some challenging electrical changeover issues – but believe we have now uncovered all of the surprises the building has for us.

The lift pit and the existing south stair infill to the Valcorp building are both complete and designs are being finalised so that the remaining For Construction drawings can be issued. The structural footings for the new rooftop structure have also commenced with work on the steel structure to commence shortly after.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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