A Sweet Collaboration

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Do you know what we get up to on Pidapipo’s roof? Here’s a clue: it involves a few thousand of our friends.

That’s where local beekeeper Nic Dowse keeps some of his hives. (He and Pidapipo’s owner, Lisa Valmorbida, have a special agreement – he gets some of her homemade ricotta, she takes some honey.)

On March 1, Pidapipo and Nic launched a limited-edition gelato range, Pollination. It’s inspired by honey, flowers and Carlton’s own little ecosystem.

There are three flavours available until March 30: rose and honey nougat; elderflower, honey and lychee sorbetto; and ricotta, honey, online slots usa, lemon and lavender. Each scoop is finished with bright edible flowers and a sticky chunk of fresh honeycomb. You can also take some flower seedlings to plant at home – if the bees feed you, it’s only fair you feed them too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nic and his bees, check out their beekeeping collective, Honey Fingers. They collaborate on some fascinating art together – and yes, we’re still talking about his bees.

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