A site stripped back

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Renovating an entire building is not a small job. A great deal of deconstruction work has to get done before any new structural activity can start. Deconstruction is essentially “construction in reverse”. We approached this stage carefully, separating materials like the glass that we intend to re-use later.

Some things have reached the end of their life cycle though: the initial soft demo of all the internal partitions, cabinetry and fixtures was of such a large scale it produced about 250m3 of waste, which in the words of our site foreman “is massive”.

It’s not all swinging sledgehammers when demolition and deconstruction work is done, although the boys are pretty good at that part. We are now working on the final remaining waste and then we will push through the building doing a fine detail strip of all materials that are unwanted.

An important step is the removal of the all the external glass from the facade to expose the old steel windows. This will allow us to work on the window treatments in the new design. It’ll be a new look for the building and the street.

The original King & Godfree store and the cellar have been completely stripped back to reveal the raw building it once was. Now that we are back to the ‘bare bones’ we can start preparing the building for structural works in the coming weeks. The exciting part starts now.


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