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Walk past King & Godfree today and there’ll be a lot of activity going on as our redevelopment gets underway. On the street level spaces are being stripped back, underground the cellar is being readied, there’s even activity on the roof. But up there, it’s the bees that are busy, making honey for our friends at Pidapipo. Nic Dowse from Honeyfingers says “Melbourne is full of suburbs like Carlton that boast a lot of gardens with flowering plants that are well watered by local councils, backyard gardeners and devoted nonnas. Unlike the Australian bush where it can often be feast or famine, cities provide a relatively stable environment with a healthy variety of bee populations and bee food”.

Our Faraday Street beehives are the first in a series Honeyfingers is adapting for Melbourne roofs. He wants there to be “something in it for the bees, and for the people who look at, and after them”. They provide a unique environment for the bees and produce a single source honey with a very distinct flavour. There are a lot of exotic (non-native) flowering plants in Carlton that give Carlton honey a light fragrant character. The perfect ingredient in gelato.

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